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Tragic News

she said she had . . .
Tragic News . . . she went on to say . . .

It was inevitable, and nobody’s fault.
Goodbye, God bless and be well.

if she thought I would be devastated
she thought wrong
everything we’d ever had
left us about six months ago
I’ve been hanging on
when I should’ve been hanging out

now, with a clear head
one who doesn’t play the “fault” game
I’m  ready and well equipped
for life’s next full contact experience

©October 22, 2012 / Jerry Pat Bolton

Her Demons

The dark within her soul
taunts her in every way,
and it taunts her with things,
says she’s going to pay.

She tries to ignore it,
harden herself from truth
with fingers in her ears
she remember her youth.

That’s when the demons came,
tormented her each day,
thought she to do that,
and they led her astray.

They come back now and then,
upsetting status quo,
she beats them back each time,
but they regroup so slow.

Sometimes they penetrate
and in her soul reside,
keep bringing up the past,
when she was a young bride.

Oh, they parry and thrust,
meaning her no good will,
it’s the bed she relies,
for pure physical thrill.

Depression chills her soul,
turning her thoughts to mush,
even the much used bed
doesn’t give her a rush.

©October 14, 2012 / Jerry Pat Bolton

A Transition

the day finally came
bonds were severed
couldn’t put it off any longer
one broken heart
another cool to the touch
time stood still
as cold as our kisses
vows had been shattered
I tremble in shame
for what we have wrought
secret sensuous meetings
they who knew us
knew not us that well
we both needed something
the other had to spare
but now sanity rules
it is best that it does
we were dangerously close
to falling off a lovers’ cliff
we met with hot-bloodied kisses
we parted with a handshake
had I to do it over
I would, God help me, I would

I wish her all the best,
Without trouble or stress.

©September 29, 2012 / Jerry Pat Bolton


This might sound a little angry, but I didn’t write it with an angry hand.

in with the new season
everything’s changing around us
rearranging nature’s
nature’s stability
even we two
became caught up in this transformation
this change of ours
has been slowly
changing for quite awhile
for want of loving oxygen, i.e.,
I shuddered
at the idea of there being
no her in my life
as I try to reassemble myself
I understand
even beset by my insecurities
I had great trepidation
as her love withered
the landscape of
who we were has been reassembled
I’m grateful one out of two
is happy

©September 28, 2012 / Jerry Pat Bolton

I’ve Taken the Hint

I watched the in-coming mail slot,
Although I knew I should have not.
I’d been so used to getting mail,
But lately it has been derailed.

So I sat there with wrinkled brow,
Waiting for those two words, Call Now.
Ah . . . the two words did not appear,
I’ve finally taken the hint, dear.

©September 28, 2012 / Jerry Pat Bolton

A Poem About Her

An ache deep inside of me
at the thought of her.
The maze of tangled moments
are wrought with disappointment and euphoria.
Disappointed at the distance between us,
Euphoria because I feel so close to her.

gives her the ability to peel back the layers
of my soul,
and enter my confused—at times

I sometimes think she is but a vision,
she is the real thing.

whose womanly charm
almost heavenly sent
with a combined mix of naughtiness
to balance everything out.


©September 15, 2012 / Jerry Pat Bolton

although it is badly bruised
I have to explain
I do have a soul and it is exploding
with a need
nevermore fulfilled
really, I must say
knowing you
knowing the real you
makes me
how can I say this
knowing you
makes me reach out and touch my human
side, and it is
a wonderful and different feeling
an inner glow
positive and growing
you, my sweet
have given me that and so much more

©September 16, 2012 / Jerry Pat Bolton

Your Voice

I feel a weightlessness
merging within the liquid
sound of your voice
it sends me to a special place
only you can take me to
the clearness
of you, a courier
for love forevermore
the pure joy of you
dancing upon my soul

©September 14, 2012 / Jerry Pat Bolton


I sharpened my teeth
against the whetstone that was you
you; showed me the strength of words
in your soliloquy of past demons
and magnificent mystification
you co-opted destruction
out of tranquility
it was your other place
the place of felonious intent
I was led
I was no naïve adolescent
but your unending fire of passion
with cleaving questions
and oh, my
how you constructed those questions
demons made it a point to bivouac there
clinging, forever clinging
as did those who came before me
I gnawed on the root of the procellous tempest
and succumbed
wholly, totality and forever
into your underground
where you ripped the sleep from my soul
I lived within your shadowy world
stapled by your written words
I’m lost forever
inside the shards of your yesterday’s dawn

©August 15, 2012 / Jerry Pat Bolton

Your Last Lover

I am your last lover
my arms never tire opening and waiting
with patience I never knew I had
I offer you a last resort
no pretense dwells within my heart
I will love your weariness
your trembling lips without their rose
if you are sorrowful
I will coax a smile
I am your comfort without worrisome taglines
I am your last lover

©July 22, 2012 / Jerry Pat Bolton